Best Crystals for Depression

Although a rock isn’t going to cure your depression, it doesn’t mean it can’t help! Below I have curated a list of crystals I give to others and use myself for depression.

Rose Quartz- The soft pink version of quartz named Rose Quartz is the all around love stone. It inspires love and compassion in all its forms-especially self love. Rose quartz helps heal emotional wounds, Invites more compassion, care and kindness, helps to unblock the heart chakra, encourages connection to the Divine and attunes to goddess energy. Rose quartz is widely available and affordable!

Purple lepidolite- Purple lepidolite is a new favorite crystal of mine that I’ve been handing out left and right to my fellow depressed people. This stone brings acceptance, calm and trust in life. It heals fear at its source, aids brain and neurological function, helpful for mood swings and minimizes emotional denial to lift depression. It is also a great crystal for opening up pathways to higher consciousness.

Ohio Flint- is particularly helpful for nightmares. If this is a problem you’re having Ohio flint may be able to help!

Hemimorphite- Hemimorphite is another new favorite of mine as it assists one in growing toward egoless self-confidence and self-respect. Helps provide the manifestation of practicality and sensibility. Helps one to recognize your true potential.

Vesuvianite- Vesuvianite is an excellent stone for overcoming depression. It dispels anger, releases feelings of imprisonment and restraint, diminishes feeling of fear and negativity. Ultimately this stone creates a sense of inner security.

Lazulite- Lazulite draws in pure universal energy to stimulate your intuition and promote both balance and cosmic alignment. This stone can help give you insight into your underlying life problems and pinpoints reasons behind addictions.

I hope this article was helpful for you. This is not meant to be taken in lieu of medical advice. I also have a short workbook to help guide the psychiatric intake process you can check out here.

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